Parent Involvement Policy

Huntington Elementary is committed to providing a quality education for every child.  Parent involvement is a key element in our schoolwide Title I program.  All parents in our school are eligible, and invited, to participate in school activities and assist in the classroom.  The goals of our parent involvement policy and activities are: increased parent participation in the program, increased parent involvement at home, and increased parental awareness of educational practices and issues.  The overall end result of this effort being increased student achievement. 



Annual Title I Meeting


At Huntington Elementary there will be an annual Title I meeting that will be held during our back-to-school night. This meeting will inform parents of the school’s participation in the Title I program and their right to be involved.  Items to be discussed will include:


  • What qualifies us as a Title I school.
  • What services are included in Title I.
  • The school-parent-compact and their opportunity to give input.
  • The schoolwide plan and their opportunity to give input.
  • Various parent involvement activities that will be held throughout the school year.
  • The ways in which the school will inform them of these things and who to contact with questions, concerns, or input in any of the items previously mentioned.



Planning and Input


The parents of students who attend Huntington Elementary are involved in the process of planning and evaluating the parent involvement policy through the School-Community Council.  This council will review the policy each year and give input and approval.  Parents are also welcome to give input at the office, to the Title I teacher and also on the needs assessment survey that is sent home in the spring.


Huntington Elementary is a schoolwide Tile I program and as such we have developed a schoolwide plan.  This plan is reviewed by the School-Community Council annually and a summary of the plan is disseminated to all parents in the back to school packet sent home at the beginning of each school year.  Contact information is given on this summary if the parents wish to review the entire document or give input. 



Parent Activities


Parent activities will be held at a variety of times of day or with extended duration to help accommodate the needs of parents at our school. 


Huntington Elementary will provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s achievement.  The school will hold a “Make and Take” game night annually alternating between reading and math activities.  During this activity parents will receive materials for the games, training on how these activities work and how they connect to the state’s academic standards. 

Parents have the opportunity to be trained in and receive a manual for the STAR Parent reading program to help their children with reading at home.   

Emery County School District has made available to our ELL parents an English Language Learner Family Literacy Center Project.  This center will serve several purposes including:

· Serving as a resource to students, teachers, and parents in promoting literacy development and ELL student success.

· Assist in interpreting UALPA scores.

· Provide language development assistance.

· Provide homework and tutoring assistance where possible.

· Assist parents of Hispanic students, in Spanish as far as practicable, understand the educational process, curriculum content, school procedures and activities, and how they can help their children with their homework.

· Provide communication documents and notices in Spanish for parents of Hispanic Students.


We will also work with other organizations, including Emery County Sheriff, and the Emery County Local Interagency Council, within the community to provide various parenting workshops.  By forming a partnership with parents, the community and these organizations we will be able to improve student academic achievement. 



Parent Meetings


Huntington Elementary will provide parents of participating children with timely information about the Title I program.  Parents will be provided updates about their child’s progress within the Title I program several times throughout the year.  Some of the methods used to inform parents will include: parent teacher conferences, progress reports, notes sent home and by parent or teacher request. 


The school will provide, if requested by parents, opportunities for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children and respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible. 


At Huntington Elementary we will provide assistance in understanding the state’s academic standards and local assessments through; back-to-school night, notes sent home, reviewing individual student scores, at parent teacher conferences and at parent request.  



School-Parent Compact


Huntington Elementary has a school-parent compact that will be jointly reviewed annually by parents and staff.  This compact outlines how parents, the school staff and students share in the responsibility for improved student achievement.  Parents have the opportunity to be involved in updating this compact each year through involvement on the School-Community Council or by contacting the office or Title I teacher and giving their input.   



** For more information or to give input please contact the office or Jennifer Mortensen in the Title I room.**