Discipline Policy

Huntington Elementary School has high expectations for every one of our students.  The same high standards for academic skills and school behavior are expected form each one.

Successful teachers know that trusting, positive relationship between student and teacher is the foundation upon which positive behavioral skills are built.  If teachers are to have any impact on students he or she must first build trust and a positive relationship with that student.  The teachers and staff at Huntington Elementary have many activities in place and are always implementing new ideas to build this positive relationship with all students while teaching them how to use appropriate behavior.

Every classroom has a set of written behavior rules and consequences.  There are positive consequences (reward) to encourage students who choose the appropriate behaviors and correct actions that will be done each time a student chooses inappropriate behaviors.  These rules and consequences are very clear and are taught in each classroom. 

In addition to the classroom rules and consequences Huntington Elementary has school-wide rules and consequences. The following behaviors will result in school-wide consequences:

cutting class
dress code
rude/discourteous toys from home
Verbal harassment/intimidation
disruptive tardiness
Sexual harassment
leaving school grounds
excessive talking
Hurting others


The consequences for severe behavior:

1st offense=Verbal warning with discipline note and Think Sheet sent home.  The note and the Think Sheet must be returned to school with a parent signature.

2nd offense=Discipline note will be mailed home.  Principal Baltzer will call the student’s home, a Think Sheet must be filled out and student will be placed in in-school suspension with a work packet for two days.

3rd offense=One day out of school suspension with completion of a work packet and Think sheets required.

4th offense=Three days out of school suspension with completion of work packets and Think Sheet required.

The above 4 steps will be followed for severe behaviors but they add up only for the same offense.  For example, if a student is on the third time offense for profanity and then gets in a fight – he/she will begin on step one for fighting.

When extremely severe behaviors occur, the principal will immediately escort the offending child to the office.  Vandalism will result in a direct referral to the sheriff’s department…first time.

The consequences for Major and Minor behavior:

These offenses will be dealt with by classroom teachers and staff.  The “Team Approach” may be used.  With this approach the child will have a sit-down meeting with his parents, teacher, and principal.  The teacher will present no more than three behaviors the student needs to improve – then the student will make a plan explaining how he/she will work on those things.  There will be follow-up team meetings every two weeks as long as needed.  It is very effective for students to see their parents and the school staff working together and supporting each other.

If a major/minor offense is repeated many times the student will be taken to the principal’s office with a note from the teacher explaining the behavior problems.