Dress Code

The personal appearance of every student is an important component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning and respect for one another.  Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner while on school property or representing the school.  The following minimum standards apply at Huntington Elementary School and will be vigorously enforced.  The principal may make additions to these standards.


Dress Code for Students

Personal appearance shall be such that it does not disrupt student work or school order, become distractive to other students or violate health and safety guidelines.


1. Student dress and grooming must be neat and clean.

2. Clothing that inappropriately exposes body parts is not permitted, including;   low-cut shirts, spaghetti strap tank tops, halter tops, or see-through or mesh garments worn without shirts.  Shoulder straps should be at least 3 inches wide. 

3. Students shall not dress in such a way that partially or totally exposes underclothing.

4. Trousers/slacks/shorts must be worn at waist level.  Excessively baggy trousers and clothing are not permitted.  Clothing may not drag the floor.

5. Skirts and shorts should fit and may not be worn shorter than mid-thigh.  Biker and athletic shorts are not permitted.

6. Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, or do-rags may not be worn.

7. Clothing or jewelry is not permitted that displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisements, or other inappropriate gestures or phrases that may cause disruption.

8. Non-human hair color is not permitted.

9. Extraneous articles hanging from clothing such as chains are not permitted.

10. Facial jewelry is permitted to be worn only on the ears.

11. No Flip Flops Allowed.  Sandals that are secured to the foot will be permitted.