Student Handbook

Contact Information

Location: 90 East 100 North Huntington, Utah

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 190 Huntington, Utah 84528

Phone: (435) 687-9954

Fax: (435) 687-2796

Huntington Elementary Procedures


· Classroom doors will be open at 8:10 AM when the bell rings. 7:40-8:10 is teacher prep time. Please be considerate as teachers prepare for their school day.

· Students can be in the hallway ONLY when accompanied by a parent or a teacher.

· Students will enter their classroom from the OUTSIDE DOOR.

· The students may place their backpacks on the step of their classroom until their teacher admits them into the classroom.

· Students will only be allowed into their own classroom only.

· Teachers will be on morning recess duty at 7:50 AM.

· The gymnasium will be open during morning recess on days of inclement weather.

After School:

· School is dismissed at 3:15. Please meet your child in the designated pickup area.

· Students will exit their classroom using the OUTSIDE DOOR of their classroom.

· Bus: Students will go to the bus stop and they can meet siblings there before loading the bus.

· PARENT PICK UP: Students will go to the designated, parent pick up area. It is located on 100 East on the East side of the school. Students can meet siblings and parents here to obtain a ride home.

· WALKING: Students that walk home traveling to the WEST CROSSING guard can meet siblings at the BIG TOY. Students that are traveling to the EAST CROSSING guard can meet siblings at the BIKE RACK.

· Teachers will be on after school duty at the bus stop until all buses have left the premises.
Learning time is very valuable to us. Please help us minimize classroom distractions by: leaving phone messages at the office, checking students out at the office, making appointments to meet with teachers only before or after school.